The romantic and historic styles inherent in Spanish architecture draw many individuals toward this style. Today, Spanish-style architecture continues to be a popular choice for luxury homes in Florida. Many modern architects and designers are drawing inspiration from the traditional elements of Spanish Revival architecture, such as the use of natural materials, arches, and wrought iron accents. In one of our latest projects, Bontrager Builders Group was tasked with merging these flowing, naturalistic stylings with brick’s sturdy, steadfast appearance.

Upon approaching the residence, you are immediately struck by the red-tiled roof and the enameled, painted accents around the windows and doorstep. The squared-off archway contrasts against one of the home’s most prominent features, the beautifully grained, arched front door complete with wrought-iron accents. Visitors to this home are greeted with an open-concept living area with plenty of natural light flowing from multiple directions. The large, well-equipped kitchen invites many hours of cooking and connection with family and friends. The colorful, tiled backsplash behind the range brings a powerful pop of color to the otherwise neutral-dominated kitchen color scheme.

This intricate tile work is continued throughout the house, allowing even the most mundane of spaces like the bathrooms to take center stage. Like with all BBG projects, much care is taken to ensure that practical aspects – like storage – are well taken care of. Spacious walk-in closets, built-in bookshelves, and cabinets are focused on throughout the residence.

Bontrager Builders Group, Inc. Logo - Pensacola, Florida - TransparentAlthough the interior is stunning, you would not be wrong to consider the highlight of this project to be outside. The backyard features a wonderfully large paved courtyard with a Spanish-style firepit at its center. An arched overhang complete with recessed lighting and a fan integrates the entrance to this outdoor paradise with the rest of the home. Windows from both wings of the house overlook this area, ensuring interplay between all areas and aspects of this wonderfully designed home. After viewing this Bontrager Builders Group home, it is clear why Spanish-style homes have continued their rise in popularity throughout the 20th and now 21st centuries here in the Gulf Coast region. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Spanish Revival home or a modern interpretation of the style, there’s no denying the timeless appeal of this architectural tradition. Consider Bontrager Builders Group for your next project – large or small!