Roger Bontrager’s Credentials

Bontrager Builders Group is one of Florida’s finest commercial and custom home builders. They have accomplished this by focusing on construction quality while meeting the owner’s expectations and budget.

To date, BBG has built a variety of structures including:

  • Conventional Framing
  • ICF
  • Concrete
  • CMU
  • Tilt Wall
  • SIPPS Walls
  • Steel

With the completion of our many residential and commercial projects, we are uniquely qualified to restore and waterproof existing structures. By understanding design and building methods we can better work with architects and structural engineers to maintain your buildings structural integrity, water tightness & aesthetic appeal.

Some of our services include:

  • Building Evaluation
  • Concrete Repair
  • Stucco & EIFS Repair
  • Sealant Replacement
  • Deck Coatings
  • Wall Coatings
  • Pressure Washing
  • Leak Detection

BBG has participated in many successful design-build projects which reflect the highest quality craftsmanship in every detail. The design-build approach provides owners with a means for obtaining the input of the contractor and the architectural/engineering team at the beginning stage of a project.

Our commercial and residential projects are unique and meet the owner’s needs. We give the same attention to detail in our commercial buildings, as we do with residential. This creates a place that does more than just house your business, it reflects and markets your business.

BBG has and will continue to build awarding winning homes, commercial buildings and renovations to suit your needs. We will continue to build relationships through Honesty, Integrity & Quality.