Integrating the gulf shore views and waterways of Florida continues to be one of our favorite parts of homebuilding here in our community. Whether the home is large or small when it comes to square footage, no detail is left unchecked by the BBG team. This recent project is an example of the attention to detail and fine quality that we bring to each project we work on here in the Pensacola region.

Starting from the back of the property, you find an inground pool bordered by a pool house and the home itself. Inset lighting bathes the sides of the buildings. Perfect for entertaining family and friends – or relaxing on your lonesome. Turning outward, you are greeted by an amazing view of the gulf! Plenty of floor-to-ceiling windows allow for a great amount of inward light, and a fantastic view looking out. Beach wood-toned ceilings and floors add a subtle contrast to the brightly colored walls, again amplifying the natural light.

The subtle colors continue throughout the rest of the home, including into the kitchen. Our designers made sure to provide a kitchen design that is both incredibly attractive and practical. An unusually high amount of storage space is worked into this design, with cabinets of varying depths providing not only that much-needed storage, but additional visual interest as well.  Pendant lamps accent the combined farmhouse sink/breakfast bar area.

Bontrager Builders Group, Inc. Logo - Pensacola, Florida - Transparent[Continue to scroll to view additional photographs.] Maximizing space is key in this design. An open concept is followed throughout, with clever usage of windows and angles to keep each room separate, yet connected in a seamless way. The kitchen leads into a large living room area – complete with a fireplace. An inset area near the entryway provides the dining area. Integration of cabinets and shelving makes this home comfortable and livable. We encourage you to view the gallery of photographs below to view many more of the fine details that make this project special. Whether you are looking to renovate or build, we ask that you consider Bontrager Builders Group for your next project!