Traditional materials including hardwoods, stone, and red brick combine to create a stunning, open-concept experience that merges modern stylings with a hint of industrial sensibilities. In one of our latest projects, Bontrager Builders Group was tasked with merging these elements into a stunning home.

Visitors are immediately greeted by an impressive amount of stone, wood, and iron that frames a stark white exterior. Subtle archways contrast against square support pillars and iron railings. A long, l-shaped staircase leads to a second-story entryway. Upon entering the windowed double doors, you are greeted by contrasting woodwork and a variety of stone and tile work. The recessed ceiling details and beams add an even greater sense of openness while the numerous windows allow surrounding rooms to be cordoned off, but still feel open and inviting. The kitchen area features integrated appliances and the vast amount of storage and pantry space makes the space a dream to work in and entertain with. The attached office area keeps work separate, but still within the home thanks to the corner placement and window-framed view. These steel-framed glass panels were imported from Italy and are utilized in the front office, bedroom entries, and the game room.

Hidden away from the main area is a wonderful bar/game room section with exposed wood and steel beams, red brick, and of course, a waterfront view. The stairs lead up to a loft that overlooks the main area and opens up to include an exterior, covered patio. This industrial-esque setting provides a masculine, refined contrast to the rest of the home, while still maintaining the open, airiness inherent in the overall design.

Bontrager Builders Group, Inc. Logo - Pensacola, Florida - TransparentAfter winding your way through luxurious bedrooms and admiring the thoughtful details hidden throughout, you find yourself at the back of the home with a dream view of the waterfront. Cool slate flooring combined with warm wood ceilings makes this an area you struggle to pull yourself away from. Integrated fireplaces, grills, and entertainment options abound throughout this multi-level complex.  This was a project that was a joy to complete and we take great satisfaction in the end result. We ask that you consider Bontrager Builders Group for your next project. [Contact us]