The Push to the Finish Line - The Bontrager Builders Group Process - Florida

The Team Push to the Finish Line | The Bontrager Builders Group Process

Formula 1 racing is considered to be the pinnacle of motorsport. With so much camera time placed upon the drivers and the on-track team members, it can sometimes mask the monumental level of work required by hundreds of others to get a car to the track and into championship-winning contention. Teams and organizations have a process that gets them from the planning stages to the final execution. Much like a well-oiled race team, we here at Bontrager Builders Group have a process in place that can take you from the discussion phase to being handed the keys to your new, luxurious home.

Kimi Raikkonen - Alfa Romeo at Silverstone, 2021.

Kimi Raikkonen’s Alfa Romeo takes a curve at Silverstone. One of the legendary ‘Flying Finns’, Raikkonen ended his career in 2021 with more race starts than any other driver in Formula 1 history, proving a calm, committed demeanor can often win the day!

The discussion. Each project is different but united by our desire to ensure that the final project matches and exceeds your expectations. This means constant communication between you, the client, and the Bontrager Builders Group team. This is particularly crucial in the beginning stages of the project and allows us to sort through potential issues to ensure a solid foundation for the entire project. This initial consultation and discussion phase is critical and one that we pride ourselves in executing cleanly every time.

Relationship. Although it may seem fairly straightforward at first, we understand that there is more to the luxury homebuilding process than the structure itself. The emotional attachment you have to the project is paramount to the process. Our expert staff devotes an uncommonly high level of care and attention to detail to each of our clients. We don’t take it lightly when you choose to join the Bontrager family! We are always here to consult and assist.

The finish line. When the final detail is affixed and the keys are handed over, we hope that the relationship we have built throughout the process continues. Bontrager Builders Group’s goal is to always establish trusted, lasting relationships and lines of communication with our clients. We take the responsibility of building your dream home with great seriousness and pride. You deserve a finished home that meets and exceeds your expectations. That is always our goal here at Bontrager Builders Group.

A solid team with a clear vision. That is our company goal and one we work towards each day on every new construction and renovation project we are asked to undertake. Our attention to detail and ability to adapt to the tastes of any client has made us one of Northwest Florida’s premier luxury custom homebuilders.

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