Earned Advantages | Three Reasons to Consider Bontrager Builders Group | Pensacola, Florida

Bontrager Builder’s Group has been a leading luxury home builder in Pensacola, Florida, for nearly 30 years. The company’s experience in luxury home construction throughout the Gulf Coast region has made them the top choice for homeowners seeking a quality build that caters to their unique needs. Our commitment to our community along with our long-running experience allows us a number of advantages – some of which we will magnify in this post.

A Local Connection

A primary advantage of Bontrager Builder’s Group’s history in Pensacola is its extensive knowledge of the local landscape, weather patterns, and building codes. This knowledge enables the company to create homes that are not only stunning but also structurally sound and built to withstand the elements unique to our region. The company’s expertise in the Gulf Coast means that they understand the challenges that come with building in this area, such as hurricanes and flooding, and know how to design homes that are resilient to these conditions.

A Long-Running Attention to Detail

We are fortunate to work with clients with discerning tastes. Attention to detail and the selection of only the finest elements is key to the Bontrager Builder’s Group recipe. President Roger Bontrager got his start in the construction field as a member of a framing crew, before moving on to master finish carpentry and trim work, and ultimately, earning a contractor’s license and founding Bontrager Builders Group, Inc. Attention detail was built into our company’s DNA from the very beginning.

Focused on the Result

As the builder, we understand that we must represent the client’s wishes to our partners throughout the construction process. Bontrager Builder’s Group’s long-standing reputation in the Emerald Coast area has earned us a network of trusted professionals, including architects, designers, and suppliers. This long-built trust allows us to keep your project moving efficiently and focused on the end result – a beautiful home worthy of the client’s dreams.

Our commitment to service and attention to detail has been hard-won over the last 25+ years. We bring that hard-won experience to the table on each project we undertake. We have a history not just in business, but in our community. We can provide references and portfolios to prove the quality and beauty of our luxury projects. Since Bontrager Builders Group’s founding, our focus has been on more than building the perfect home or commercial space – we aim to build long-lasting client relationships that live up to our guiding principles of honesty, integrity, and the highest quality.

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Renovating? A Few Reasons to Consider Bontrager Builders Group | Pensacola, Florida

Picture this. You purchased and moved into your dream home. (Maybe near the beach?) It feels like it has only been a year or two since you made the big move. Then you start looking around and you realize that it has been more than a couple of years since you took up residence – your dream home needs a renovation! Bontrager Builders Group brings a unique blend of experience to the table that runs deep. We ask you to consider some of the following when you are preparing to make the jump into the renovation of your beloved dream home.

Experience cannot be bought – but it can be earned. For over 25 years, Bontrager Builders Group has been specializing in the construction and renovation of luxury homes throughout Florida. Our work has expanded to include multiple methods of construction including;

  • Conventional Framing Construction
  • ICF Construction
  • Wood & Concrete Piling Construction
  • SIPPS Walls Construction
  • Block/Concrete Construction
  • Metal Stud Framing Construction
  • Tilt Wall Concrete Construction

BBG serves the needs of new construction clients in both the residential and commercial markets throughout our community. This means that our experience and dedication go beyond renovation and into the foundation of construction itself. Our team is prepared to bring this new construction experience to your home renovation!

We understand the team effort. BBG has and continues to work with architects that rank among the finest. Our ability to integrate contractors and sub-contractors into a unified project is unparalleled. As experts in the business of luxury home renovation, we know where to direct your precious resources to ensure you receive the best service and the result you deserve.

In modern motorsport, details matter. Many a Formula 1 power unit has blown due to a faulty part that when reviewed had a shelf price of only a few dollars. No detail can miss when margins are minuscule. Your dream home is worthy of similar attention. Our team has built a well-deserved reputation for our attention to detail – no matter how small it may seem. The result is a finished project that is structurally sound and takes into account your future needs and the longevity of the project itself. Bontrager Builders Group is interested in building lasting relationships. This only works for us (and you) if our work lasts the course!

When you are living in the home you are wanting to renovate, time is critical. Roger Bontrager has instilled principles of attention to detail and promptness into the rest of the company. Our goal is to get your project done as quickly as possible without compromising on any detail. For these, and a myriad of other reasons, we encourage you to consider Bontrager Builders Group for your next home renovation project here in the Pensacola, Florida region. Give us a call today @ (850) 444-9797 if you have any questions – our team is always happy to have a chat!

I appreciate everything everyone at Bontrager Builders has done to ensure a smooth and professional job for us. It has been an amazing experience, and I love, love love the improvements! What a difference from before….WOW.

Excellent work!!
– Dr Corey & BJ Wolff

For over 25 years. That’s a lot of experience! We bring that hard-won experience to the table on each project we undertake. We have a history not just in business, but in our community. We can provide references and portfolios to prove the quality and beauty of our luxury projects. Since Bontrager Builders Group’s founding, our focus has been on more than building the perfect home or commercial space – we aim to build long-lasting client relationships that live up to our guiding principles of honesty, integrity, and the highest quality.

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The Push to the Finish Line - The Bontrager Builders Group Process - Florida

The Team Push to the Finish Line | The Bontrager Builders Group Process

Formula 1 racing is considered to be the pinnacle of motorsport. With so much camera time placed upon the drivers and the on-track team members, it can sometimes mask the monumental level of work required by hundreds of others to get a car to the track and into championship-winning contention. Teams and organizations have a process that gets them from the planning stages to the final execution. Much like a well-oiled race team, we here at Bontrager Builders Group have a process in place that can take you from the discussion phase to being handed the keys to your new, luxurious home.

Kimi Raikkonen - Alfa Romeo at Silverstone, 2021.

Kimi Raikkonen’s Alfa Romeo takes a curve at Silverstone. One of the legendary ‘Flying Finns’, Raikkonen ended his career in 2021 with more race starts than any other driver in Formula 1 history, proving a calm, committed demeanor can often win the day!

The discussion. Each project is different but united by our desire to ensure that the final project matches and exceeds your expectations. This means constant communication between you, the client, and the Bontrager Builders Group team. This is particularly crucial in the beginning stages of the project and allows us to sort through potential issues to ensure a solid foundation for the entire project. This initial consultation and discussion phase is critical and one that we pride ourselves in executing cleanly every time.

Relationship. Although it may seem fairly straightforward at first, we understand that there is more to the luxury homebuilding process than the structure itself. The emotional attachment you have to the project is paramount to the process. Our expert staff devotes an uncommonly high level of care and attention to detail to each of our clients. We don’t take it lightly when you choose to join the Bontrager family! We are always here to consult and assist.

The finish line. When the final detail is affixed and the keys are handed over, we hope that the relationship we have built throughout the process continues. Bontrager Builders Group’s goal is to always establish trusted, lasting relationships and lines of communication with our clients. We take the responsibility of building your dream home with great seriousness and pride. You deserve a finished home that meets and exceeds your expectations. That is always our goal here at Bontrager Builders Group.

A solid team with a clear vision. That is our company goal and one we work towards each day on every new construction and renovation project we are asked to undertake. Our attention to detail and ability to adapt to the tastes of any client has made us one of Northwest Florida’s premier luxury custom homebuilders.

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Learning to hit the curveball - working through stress - bontrager builders group - Pensacola, Florida

Learning To Hit The Curve Ball

Sometimes life comes at us like a fastball. Straightforward. Right down the middle. We as individuals and as a business can get into the swing of a rapid life. But then, life can throw us the old-fashioned curveball. We swing, we miss, and we are out.

Bontrager Builders Group is currently working on a large commercial project in the Pensacola, FL region. My staff along with the commercial facility’s staff meet weekly for an early morning meeting to stay in the same playbook. A few weeks ago, my construction superintendent noted how he gets everything lined up and ready to go for the coming week – and then the inevitable curveball comes in and throws the plans for a loop. Another person in the meeting commented, “You just need to learn to hit the curveball!”

That is all well and good, but what can we do to make sure our swing connects?

Break the stressing-out cycle

Issues with a project can easily cause a bit of stress. Stress can often be cyclical. Why exactly are we feeling stressed about a situation? Is it something that we can control or is it something we have to push through with the understanding that we just have to get out from under it? Stress and busyness are a normal part of our everyday life – however, we need to be cautious to not allow them to overtake us. Often, when working on projects, the list of ‘to-dos’ can quickly become a source of that stress. Our team often uses the satisfaction of completing a project-related task as motivation to move onward.

Be prepared to adapt

The motto of the Boy Scouts is “Be Prepared.” Ask any Scout or Scouter and they will quickly assure you that the best plans can quickly meet reality. (A relaxing camping trip can be quickly turned into a field test for rain gear by a passing thunderstorm.) The motto speaks more to a mindset than it does anything else. Be prepared. Make notes and plan ahead, but do so with the full understanding that you may have to pivot when it comes to execution. The day’s construction plan may call for the installation of the kitchen renovation’s granite countertops on Thursday, but you may have to work on another segment of the project if the supplier comes up short. The shortages and unpredictability seen in the building materials market have kept us on our toes recently. When issues that require a solution rear their head in any renovation or construction project – that’s ok! It’s a normal part of anything intricate. We accept the issue and work through the solution. When you’ve been in the business for more than twenty-five years, you have seen it before and you know you will see it again. You have to acknowledge the challenges of any job and tackle them with the same high attention to detail every time. Find consistency in life’s inconsistencies!

In baseball, a curveball can throw the batter for a loop. However, once it is thrown by them again and again, they can quickly dial in their swing to hit the ball out of the park. That is what the Bontrager Builders Group strives to do each day on every new construction and renovation project we are asked to undertake. Our attention to detail and ability to adapt to the tastes of any client has made us one of Northwest Florida’s premier luxury custom homebuilders. Interested in our services?

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Wrapping up the Year and Wrapping up Projects

At Bontrager Builders Group, we are wrapping up the year by wrapping up a few major projects. We have been working on a variety of new homes and remodels throughout the year, but our latest projects include a stunning waterfront home and a downtown escape. These projects really speak to our dedication to creating beautiful, new spaces for clients.

The interior of our waterfront home project effortlessly blends contemporary elements with beach-inspired details. The neutral and modern color scheme plays on the sandy tones of the beach, really drawing from driftwood reminiscent details. This home’s kitchen inspires an atmosphere that soothes and welcomes. The elegant white setting, overlaid with soft gray tones creates a canvas of creation for homeowners.

The owners of this home can enjoy a stunning view of the water from almost anywhere in their home. The most impressive view lies in the heart of the home: the living space. The line between the water and the home is gently blurred by the seamless natural elements including the beach inspired tones of the outdoor space and the luminous design of the crystal clear doors.

The spacious and relaxing back porch lends itself to a world of imagination. The owners of this home can enjoy the crisp, salty sea breeze from a comfortable lounger, with an entrancing paperback in hand, or they can listen to the waves crash against the shore as hotdogs and hamburgers sizzle on the grill. The possibilities are endless with a space this versatile.

While we love building new homes from scratch, we also love taking an existing space and creating something that will cause the home owners to fall in love. Our remodel on Government Street is a testament to exactly that. A perfect storm of elegant and rustic touches meet in this unique home. From farmhouse chic wooden details to Victorian finishes, this remodel is a breath of fresh air. Originally built in 1918, this home was due for a revitalization.

This home’s kitchen is a rustic take on an otherwise contemporary space.  Rich, wooden accents are placed delicately around this space to create a congenial and comfortable feeling. The feeling of elegance and modernity is explored throughout the space through crisp, white details and eccentric metal finishes. The wood and metal details throughout the kitchen lends a cultivated taste that extends through the entire home.

It is all in the details, and this remodeled home has a lot of them! This incredibly unique space peppers light wooden doors into a crisp and scintillating, white bathroom. The beautiful flooring in contrast to the rustic doors creates a comforting feeling that appears throughout the home. We love the combined bathroom and laundry space, for a sense of functionality while still projecting a modern feeling.

While our projects are all unique, we pride ourselves in creating a cohesive theme throughout any home of any size. This remodel allowed us to create a custom home with remarkably beautiful details. While preserving the historic feeling of this space, we were able to add a sense of refinement and opulence.

This space is a wonderful example of our custom work. At Bontrager Builders Group we enjoy remodeling spaces just as much as we love creating new ones. If you have a vision for your home, give us a call at 850-444-9797 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. We’d love to help make your dreams come true.

The Benefits of ICF Construction

If you’ve decided that you want to build a custom home, you’ve probably done a lot of research about different methods of construction, including insulated concrete forms (ICF).

You may be wondering if building your new home as an ICF structure is the right thing for you and your pocketbook. That’s where we come in. At Bontrager Builders Group, we have expert knowledge of ICF and whether our clients should consider the method. Here’s a rundown of the most important ICF facts.

First, let’s talk about what ICF construction means. When an ICF home’s concrete walls are being built, blocks made of foam are stacked into air-tight patterns between the walls. These foam blocks are then filled with concrete and reinforced with steel, making the ICF home strong enough to stand up to most severe weather.

For example, take a look at the picture below that shows the interior of a few ICF foam blocks from one of our recent projects. This photo was taken before concrete was poured into the foam blocks, but it provides some insight into what the inside of an ICF home’s walls look like. The foam blocks fit together so well that there are hardly any gaps or openings to allow outside weather or material to enter the ICF home.

Besides the concrete, the steel skeleton provides added support to the home’s walls. In addition, any electrical or plumbing elements are run through the foam blocks before the concrete is poured into them. Because of the additional strength in poor weather conditions, ICF is the ideal method by which to construct beach homes. In the long run, ICF homeowners save money in damage control and energy.

Let’s talk a little more about the long-run savings that many ICF homeowners enjoy as a result of their chosen building technique. According to Proud Green Home, because the ICF method of insulation does not leave many gaps between the foam blocks, “an ICF home can cut energy bills in half and can achieve a HERS index in the 40-50 range, which means they are outperforming existing building codes by 50 to 60 percent.” Energy bills being cut in half means that ICF homeowners are benefiting in that they are saving a huge chunk of change by building their homes with foam bricks and concrete.

As a result of Florida’s often unpredictable and severe weather, many homeowners want to have a home that stands the test of time. The ICF method can help owners achieve that goal.

An Elegant Beachfront Home

At Bontrager Builders Group, one of our favorite types of projects is beach homes. Waterfront houses allow for a relaxed, calm environment with quiet, yet beautiful color schemes. The exterior of this home on Navarre Beach is striking but still has the charming attributes of a cozy beach cottage. Our homeowner asked for elegance and quaint details when it came to the outside of their home, and we delivered.

The interior of this home matches the picturesque exterior with its neutral and refined color scheme. The colors throughout the home reflect the colors found naturally on a beach. The wooden details remind us of driftwood, the glass ornaments of seashells, and the soft gray tones of the deep sea during a gentle, stormy night.

This beach home’s kitchen is never over-the-top; instead, it welcomes its guests with a casual atmosphere that soothes. The hardwood floors are light, nearly matching the sand just a few steps from this house’s front door. The breakfast bar adds to the casual nature of this eat-in kitchen. Although this home is large and grand, it maintains a down-to-earth environment.

The owners of this home can enjoy a spacious and relaxing front porch that faces the sea’s gentle waves. Imagine sitting on a comfortable chair on this deck, the salty sea breeze tickling your nose, and a riveting paperback in your hand. This porch melts into the surrounding sandy environment as a man-made extension of the beach.

At Bontrager Builders Group, we enjoy remodeling spaces as much as we love creating new ones. If you have a vision for your home, give us a call at 850-444-9797 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. We’d love to help make your dreams come true.


Upscale Cabin Tour

We love when a client comes to us with a unique request to build something that fits their lifestyle, tastes, and passions. Because of its rustic charm and beautiful detailing, this home is one of those projects. The exterior of this home nearly blends in with the green scenery that surrounds it. This home doesn’t disturb nature, it enhances it. The green paint is not garish; it is a classic, mossy color that works well with the exposed brick accents. The brick that makes up the steps and columns of this home is a rich red color that enhances the home’s other unique characteristics.

This home’s back deck is a unique take on the classic Southern porch. Wooden chairs are placed strategically to encourage long, meandering conversations between friends and family. The back porch is screened in to prevent any mosquitos from intruding on those warm chat sessions. The ceiling is custom-made, with slabs of wood carefully covering the space. Unique lighting fixtures also adorn the ceiling, giving the atmosphere a rustic, yet modern feel. We love how open, yet cozy this back porch feels. The flooring is just the right color, brown, making visitors feel like they are truly sitting in the woods. The green walls simulating trees connects with the soil-colored flooring to create a natural experience for those sitting on the porch. The bench that hangs from the ceiling is reminiscent of childhood days swinging from the backyard oak tree.

When you walk inside the home, you’ll be greeted by beautiful wooden paneling on the walls and a contrasting wooden floor that warms up every single room in the home. The wooden features brings a bit of nature into the kitchen area and the rest of the house. The forest theme in this home strikes just the right balance. We absolutely love this spacious custom bar that is equipped to serve every guest’s preference in food and drink. The counter sinks into the wall and features modern recessed lighting to make sure that the tender of the day has the best possible space to whip up refreshing drinks. This bar is made to serve friends and family, and it is well-equipped to do so.

The kitchen extends the forest theme of earthy tones from the exterior of the home and brings it into the heart of the house. The counter tops in this kitchen are a unique green granite that emulates the trees that surround the home. The wood paneling on the walls in the rest of the house are also in the kitchen with the dark-wood cabinets providing a nice, natural contrast that highlights the rich warmth of the home. The lighting fixtures drop low and are placed over the breakfast bar while a chandelier hangs in the middle of the kitchen. The abundant lighting throughout the home also contributes to the warmth and comfort that the property exudes through every detail.

It’s all in the details, and this home has a lot of them. This custom staircase is a beautiful light wood that stands in contrast to the wood paneling on the walls that we’ve seen throughout the house. The closet beneath the staircase nearly blends in as the door is made of the same wood as the wall paneling. The other wooden details such as the cuckoo clock and the beautiful cabinetry below it serve to add depth and detail throughout the space. When we step into this home, it’s as if we’ve traveled back to a simpler time, and we love it.

Bontrager Builders Group excels at bringing architects, designers, and subcontractors together to create engaging, charismatic spaces that help businesses grow and excel. Let us know if we can help you transform your business facility into its best, most effective version of itself. Call us at 850-444-9797 to book a free, no-obligation consultation, and check out our other blogs and our photo gallery for more home inspiration!

A Master Bedroom turned Ocean-Themed Sanctuary

At Bontrager Builders Group, not all of our projects are massive undertakings, but we give the same level of attention to each remodel or new construction that we take on. For instance, we remodeled this master bedroom, along with its bathroom and spacious walk-in closet. Even though it was a small project, we made sure that our clients’ vision was at the top of our to-do list. This remodel is ocean inspired. The varying shades of blue are ocean themed, and the decor brings elements like seashells or mermaids into the room, creating a cohesive yet interesting space. In addition, we brought warmth and comfort to the room by adding an in-wall fireplace, making this master bedroom an elegant, upscale retreat.

The custom details in this room are endless. We love the combined in-wall shelving and cabinetry. The white of the unit contrasts well with the blue on the walls. The unit is not only beautiful; it’s also functional. The shelving can be used to show off various knick-knacks and treasures, while the cabinet can be used for storage purposes. Also, the flat screen that hangs on the wall is modern and blends in with the decor, and it also works well with the fireplace because it corresponds in shape, size, and color.

Let’s move to the walk-in closet. This closet has plenty of space for hanging clothes, and it also features unique and functional shelving for shoes and other accessories. We implemented an island in the middle of the closet for extra counter space, adding an unexpected touch to the large closet. Also, the chandelier above the island adds an interesting focal point, and it works well with the ocean theme (it almost looks like a jelly fish!).

This project’s connected master bathroom is a show stopper. It features beautiful, unique tiling that works well with the underwater theme, and the white appliances, counters, and cabinetry correspond with the bedroom’s similar color scheme. As this project is a custom one, there are many distinct details that can be found only in this space. For example, the glass divider between the toilet and the bathtub features an illustration of a mermaid that continues this project’s ocean motif subtly throughout the bathroom. The toilet, bathtub, shower, vanity, and sink are placed so that the bathroom resembles a galley on a boat, all in keeping with the clients’ theme!

The fireplace in the bedroom runs through the wall into the bathroom, and the bathtub features a beautiful fire-side view, while the adjacent window moves from blue to green, simulating the ocean’s colors. The bathtub is shaped for relaxation and rejuvenation, and its white color matches the trim and other bathroom amenities. Another chandelier like the one in the roomy walk-in closet hangs above the bathtub, keeping the suite’s theme cohesive throughout the area.

Just like the bathtub, the shower features custom characteristics like a simulated pebble shower floor, gorgeous back splash, and a rain shower head. The shower also features a tiled bench. In addition, the glass shower door allows the space to flow openly rather than be cut off by solid door.

This space is a wonderful example of our custom work. At Bontrager Builders Group, we enjoy remodeling spaces as much as we love creating new ones. If you have a vision for your home, give us a call at 850-444-9797 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. We’d love to help make your dreams come true.

Beach Patio Retreat at Twilight

At Bontrager Builders Group, we love building in all kinds of environments and terrains, but there is something exhilarating about building or renovating a beautiful home on the water. One of our favorite accomplishments is this outdoor beauty that sits right on the water. It features an expansive patio, spacious seating areas, an outdoor kitchen, and a luxurious pool that’ll knock your socks off. This home mirrors a beach atmosphere with its blue pool and sandy color scheme. We feel like we are standing on the shore at Pensacola Beach!

This outdoor paradise looks fantastic at twilight because of its illuminating light fixtures and deep-blue pool. A hot tub sits above the pool, its water flowing in and out, just like the ocean. In addition, the sand-like patio is a light color not only because it looks like a beach but also because it keeps this outdoor space cool during the summer time. Also, we love the blue tile that covers the sides of the hot tub; the different shades of blue coming together is in keeping with the ocean theme at this property. Details are very important to us at Bontrager Builders Group, and we always make sure to put our maximum effort into making each and every project unique.

Take a look at this stunning outdoor kitchen! The appliances are all stainless steel and seamlessly blend into the stone counters. The sandy color scheme is also extended to the kitchen, with the stone and tile adding subtle color and texture variety. The view from the kitchen is extraordinary. The homeowners can make their dinner while taking in the scenic ocean views and then eat at one of several seating options either in the kitchen or on the patio next to the roaring fire in the elegant bonfire pit. No luxury was spared for this kitchen; there is even a flat screen in the corner! We truly enjoyed creating this space for our client.

Let’s talk about this beautiful fire pit. We loved the idea of extending the semi-enclosed kitchen organically on to the patio using deliberate seating arrangements that surround a sophisticated fire pit. The end result is stunning. Our clients are now able to enjoy the ultimate outdoor experience by simply walking through their back door. They have several options for entertainment: the pool, kitchen, fire pit, and the water just beyond their backyard.

Imagine relaxing in this serene pool, watching the sky turn pink and orange as the sun sets below the horizon. At Bontrager Builders Group, we advocate that your home should be your sanctuary, and we make every effort to make your home your personal paradise. It was important that we made this project visually interesting because of the neutral tones used throughout the property. However, we were able to mix up the space using different shades and textures to break up long stretches of space. In addition, we positioned the pool, kitchen, and fire pit so that the outdoor area would remain optically interesting.

We work only with the best to make sure that all of our projects are given the utmost care and attention. If you’d like to work with us to make your home your safe haven, give us a call at 850-444-9797 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.