An Elegant Beachfront Home

At Bontrager Builders Group, one of our favorite types of projects is beach homes. Waterfront houses allow for a relaxed, calm environment with quiet, yet beautiful color schemes. The exterior of this home on Navarre Beach is striking but still has the charming attributes of a cozy beach cottage. Our homeowner asked for elegance and quaint details when it came to the outside of their home, and we delivered.

The interior of this home matches the picturesque exterior with its neutral and refined color scheme. The colors throughout the home reflect the colors found naturally on a beach. The wooden details remind us of driftwood, the glass ornaments of seashells, and the soft gray tones of the deep sea during a gentle, stormy night.

This beach home’s kitchen is never over-the-top; instead, it welcomes its guests with a casual atmosphere that soothes. The hardwood floors are light, nearly matching the sand just a few steps from this house’s front door. The breakfast bar adds to the casual nature of this eat-in kitchen. Although this home is large and grand, it maintains a down-to-earth environment.

The owners of this home can enjoy a spacious and relaxing front porch that faces the sea’s gentle waves. Imagine sitting on a comfortable chair on this deck, the salty sea breeze tickling your nose, and a riveting paperback in your hand. This porch melts into the surrounding sandy environment as a man-made extension of the beach.

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