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The Benefits of ICF Construction

If you’ve decided that you want to build a custom home, you’ve probably done a lot of research about different methods of construction, including insulated concrete forms (ICF). You may be wondering if building your new home as an ICF structure is the right thing for you and your pocketbook. That’s where we come in. […]

An Elegant Beachfront Home

At Bontrager Builders Group, one of our favorite types of projects is beach homes. Waterfront houses allow for a relaxed, calm environment with quiet, yet beautiful color schemes. The exterior of this home on Navarre Beach is striking but still has the charming attributes of a cozy beach cottage. Our homeowner asked for elegance and quaint […]

Upscale Cabin Tour

We love when a client comes to us with a unique request to build something that fits their lifestyle, tastes, and passions. Because of its rustic charm and beautiful detailing, this home is one of those projects. The exterior of this home nearly blends in with the green scenery that surrounds it. This home doesn’t […]

A Master Bedroom turned Ocean-Themed Sanctuary

At Bontrager Builders Group, not all of our projects are massive undertakings, but we give the same level of attention to each remodel or new construction that we take on. For instance, we remodeled this master bedroom, along with its bathroom and spacious walk-in closet. Even though it was a small project, we made sure […]

Beach Patio Retreat at Twilight

At Bontrager Builders Group, we love building in all kinds of environments and terrains, but there is something exhilarating about building or renovating a beautiful home on the water. One of our favorite accomplishments is this outdoor beauty that sits right on the water. It features an expansive patio, spacious seating areas, an outdoor kitchen, […]

Liberty Church: A Multipurpose Commercial Facility

The projects that we take on at Bontrager Builders Group are always unique, important projects, whether that be on a family or a community level. When we remodeled Liberty Church in Gulf Breeze, Florida, we were able to blend the two. The Liberty Church facility is a place where families can come together to create […]

Maria’s Seafood Market Remodel

At Bontrager Builders Group, attention to detail is one of our most important goals because unique building features make the best impressions. In each one of our projects, we spend countless hours ensuring that our clients’ projects fit their visions about how their properties should look. For example, we recently completed a remodeling project at […]

Empty Hourglasses: Time is Running out for Sand

When you live in Florida, it’s difficult to believe that the fine white sand covering its pristine beaches is a resource that the world is running out of at an alarming rate. Sand seems so plentiful, especially when you live life surrounded by the resource, as if it is always replenishing itself, but it’s not. […]