Liberty Church: A Multipurpose Commercial Facility

The projects that we take on at Bontrager Builders Group are always unique, important projects, whether that be on a family or a community level. When we remodeled Liberty Church in Gulf Breeze, Florida, we were able to blend the two. The Liberty Church facility is a place where families can come together to create a community. When creating the concept for this space, we made sure to design a facility that meets the needs of the Liberty community while focusing on design, function, and space usage.

For Liberty Church, we imagined that the first room that people see when entering the building would be large, open, welcoming, and modern. As you can see, we certainly achieved that goal based on the large, appealing space pictured below. The Liberty Church welcome center is an airy, light-filled room that instantly comforts each guest that steps foot in it. The flooring is functional, yet up to date with current trends. The walls are different hues, and those colors serve to create a scene that encourages children and adults alike to spend time in this room. In addition, there is absolutely enough space for a large crowd of people!

The center piece of the room is the wooden backdrop behind the flat screen. At Bontrager Builders Group, we always make sure to honor our clients’ special requests, and this centerpiece is no different. Custom building is our specialty, and you won’t find attention to detail like ours with any other builder in the region. With the right elements, a building can make a huge impression in its visitors, ensuring that a business draws back customers and visitors again and again.

Furthermore, restroom facilities can say a lot about a commercial building. When customers use a restroom that is outdated, dirty, or non-functional, their experience with the offending business is negatively affected. As a builder, we never forget the importance of a stylish restroom when remodeling business buildings. We particularly like the design and amenities of the restroom facility below. The blue on the walls provides a calming atmosphere that is much different than the normal, sterile-looking public restrooms found in most commercial properties. The framed mirrors also bring a piece of home into the restroom, showing Liberty Church’s visitors that they are valued and welcomed at their church.

One of our favorite parts about working with Liberty Church was the opportunity to create this amazing auditorium. We relish the opportunity to engage in unique special projects, and this space was the perfect chance for us to let our creative juices flow. We enjoyed creating a focal point for the room using a striped backdrop with backlighting and three consecutive screens.

Because of the flexible seating in the auditorium, Liberty Church can mold this space depending on how they would like to use it. The stage is functional as well as modern, keeping the atmosphere casual and fun for Liberty Church’s visitors. Also, we love the colors that the screens and lighting produce. They show that this space isn’t meant to be stuffy; people have fun in this room!

Besides the welcome center, we created other spaces in Liberty Church that are great for spending time with others. The orange room below is a fantastic space for receptions, parties, and other events. The orange accent wall conveys to church-goers that this room is relaxed and friendly, a space where people can joke and have conversations. The room is also large enough so that there is plentiful standing room for any of the aforementioned events.

For our final space, let’s take a look at the Liberty Church game room. This church is all about people making friendships with people who share their values and interests. The lighting in this room is really what makes it pop. If you look at the corner of the photo below, you’ll notice some fantastically unique lighting fixtures. We like ensure that the spaces we build are never generic, that each room we design is unique to our clients’ preferences. For instance, the Liberty Church game room features vibrant red benches that look sleek against their gray backdrop. The splashes of color throughout the room don’t look too intense because of the neutrality of the rest of the space. This room is a great space for children, teenagers, and adults to get to know each other in.

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