Beach Patio Retreat at Twilight

At Bontrager Builders Group, we love building in all kinds of environments and terrains, but there is something exhilarating about building or renovating a beautiful home on the water. One of our favorite accomplishments is this outdoor beauty that sits right on the water. It features an expansive patio, spacious seating areas, an outdoor kitchen, and a luxurious pool that’ll knock your socks off. This home mirrors a beach atmosphere with its blue pool and sandy color scheme. We feel like we are standing on the shore at Pensacola Beach!

This outdoor paradise looks fantastic at twilight because of its illuminating light fixtures and deep-blue pool. A hot tub sits above the pool, its water flowing in and out, just like the ocean. In addition, the sand-like patio is a light color not only because it looks like a beach but also because it keeps this outdoor space cool during the summer time. Also, we love the blue tile that covers the sides of the hot tub; the different shades of blue coming together is in keeping with the ocean theme at this property. Details are very important to us at Bontrager Builders Group, and we always make sure to put our maximum effort into making each and every project unique.

Take a look at this stunning outdoor kitchen! The appliances are all stainless steel and seamlessly blend into the stone counters. The sandy color scheme is also extended to the kitchen, with the stone and tile adding subtle color and texture variety. The view from the kitchen is extraordinary. The homeowners can make their dinner while taking in the scenic ocean views and then eat at one of several seating options either in the kitchen or on the patio next to the roaring fire in the elegant bonfire pit. No luxury was spared for this kitchen; there is even a flat screen in the corner! We truly enjoyed creating this space for our client.

Let’s talk about this beautiful fire pit. We loved the idea of extending the semi-enclosed kitchen organically on to the patio using deliberate seating arrangements that surround a sophisticated fire pit. The end result is stunning. Our clients are now able to enjoy the ultimate outdoor experience by simply walking through their back door. They have several options for entertainment: the pool, kitchen, fire pit, and the water just beyond their backyard.

Imagine relaxing in this serene pool, watching the sky turn pink and orange as the sun sets below the horizon. At Bontrager Builders Group, we advocate that your home should be your sanctuary, and we make every effort to make your home your personal paradise. It was important that we made this project visually interesting because of the neutral tones used throughout the property. However, we were able to mix up the space using different shades and textures to break up long stretches of space. In addition, we positioned the pool, kitchen, and fire pit so that the outdoor area would remain optically interesting.

We work only with the best to make sure that all of our projects are given the utmost care and attention. If you’d like to work with us to make your home your safe haven, give us a call at 850-444-9797 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.