Wrapping up the Year and Wrapping up Projects

At Bontrager Builders Group, we are wrapping up the year by wrapping up a few major projects. We have been working on a variety of new homes and remodels throughout the year, but our latest projects include a stunning waterfront home and a downtown escape. These projects really speak to our dedication to creating beautiful, new spaces for clients.

The interior of our waterfront home project effortlessly blends contemporary elements with beach-inspired details. The neutral and modern color scheme plays on the sandy tones of the beach, really drawing from driftwood reminiscent details. This home’s kitchen inspires an atmosphere that soothes and welcomes. The elegant white setting, overlaid with soft gray tones creates a canvas of creation for homeowners.

The owners of this home can enjoy a stunning view of the water from almost anywhere in their home. The most impressive view lies in the heart of the home: the living space. The line between the water and the home is gently blurred by the seamless natural elements including the beach inspired tones of the outdoor space and the luminous design of the crystal clear doors.

The spacious and relaxing back porch lends itself to a world of imagination. The owners of this home can enjoy the crisp, salty sea breeze from a comfortable lounger, with an entrancing paperback in hand, or they can listen to the waves crash against the shore as hotdogs and hamburgers sizzle on the grill. The possibilities are endless with a space this versatile.

While we love building new homes from scratch, we also love taking an existing space and creating something that will cause the home owners to fall in love. Our remodel on Government Street is a testament to exactly that. A perfect storm of elegant and rustic touches meet in this unique home. From farmhouse chic wooden details to Victorian finishes, this remodel is a breath of fresh air. Originally built in 1918, this home was due for a revitalization.

This home’s kitchen is a rustic take on an otherwise contemporary space.  Rich, wooden accents are placed delicately around this space to create a congenial and comfortable feeling. The feeling of elegance and modernity is explored throughout the space through crisp, white details and eccentric metal finishes. The wood and metal details throughout the kitchen lends a cultivated taste that extends through the entire home.

It is all in the details, and this remodeled home has a lot of them! This incredibly unique space peppers light wooden doors into a crisp and scintillating, white bathroom. The beautiful flooring in contrast to the rustic doors creates a comforting feeling that appears throughout the home. We love the combined bathroom and laundry space, for a sense of functionality while still projecting a modern feeling.

While our projects are all unique, we pride ourselves in creating a cohesive theme throughout any home of any size. This remodel allowed us to create a custom home with remarkably beautiful details. While preserving the historic feeling of this space, we were able to add a sense of refinement and opulence.

This space is a wonderful example of our custom work. At Bontrager Builders Group we enjoy remodeling spaces just as much as we love creating new ones. If you have a vision for your home, give us a call at 850-444-9797 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. We’d love to help make your dreams come true.