Liberty Church: A Multipurpose Commercial Facility

The projects that we take on at Bontrager Builders Group are always unique, important projects, whether that be on a family or a community level. When we remodeled Liberty Church in Gulf Breeze, Florida, we were able to blend the two. The Liberty Church facility is a place where families can come together to create a community. When creating the concept for this space, we made sure to design a facility that meets the needs of the Liberty community while focusing on design, function, and space usage.

For Liberty Church, we imagined that the first room that people see when entering the building would be large, open, welcoming, and modern. As you can see, we certainly achieved that goal based on the large, appealing space pictured below. The Liberty Church welcome center is an airy, light-filled room that instantly comforts each guest that steps foot in it. The flooring is functional, yet up to date with current trends. The walls are different hues, and those colors serve to create a scene that encourages children and adults alike to spend time in this room. In addition, there is absolutely enough space for a large crowd of people!

The center piece of the room is the wooden backdrop behind the flat screen. At Bontrager Builders Group, we always make sure to honor our clients’ special requests, and this centerpiece is no different. Custom building is our specialty, and you won’t find attention to detail like ours with any other builder in the region. With the right elements, a building can make a huge impression in its visitors, ensuring that a business draws back customers and visitors again and again.

Furthermore, restroom facilities can say a lot about a commercial building. When customers use a restroom that is outdated, dirty, or non-functional, their experience with the offending business is negatively affected. As a builder, we never forget the importance of a stylish restroom when remodeling business buildings. We particularly like the design and amenities of the restroom facility below. The blue on the walls provides a calming atmosphere that is much different than the normal, sterile-looking public restrooms found in most commercial properties. The framed mirrors also bring a piece of home into the restroom, showing Liberty Church’s visitors that they are valued and welcomed at their church.

One of our favorite parts about working with Liberty Church was the opportunity to create this amazing auditorium. We relish the opportunity to engage in unique special projects, and this space was the perfect chance for us to let our creative juices flow. We enjoyed creating a focal point for the room using a striped backdrop with backlighting and three consecutive screens.

Because of the flexible seating in the auditorium, Liberty Church can mold this space depending on how they would like to use it. The stage is functional as well as modern, keeping the atmosphere casual and fun for Liberty Church’s visitors. Also, we love the colors that the screens and lighting produce. They show that this space isn’t meant to be stuffy; people have fun in this room!

Besides the welcome center, we created other spaces in Liberty Church that are great for spending time with others. The orange room below is a fantastic space for receptions, parties, and other events. The orange accent wall conveys to church-goers that this room is relaxed and friendly, a space where people can joke and have conversations. The room is also large enough so that there is plentiful standing room for any of the aforementioned events.

For our final space, let’s take a look at the Liberty Church game room. This church is all about people making friendships with people who share their values and interests. The lighting in this room is really what makes it pop. If you look at the corner of the photo below, you’ll notice some fantastically unique lighting fixtures. We like ensure that the spaces we build are never generic, that each room we design is unique to our clients’ preferences. For instance, the Liberty Church game room features vibrant red benches that look sleek against their gray backdrop. The splashes of color throughout the room don’t look too intense because of the neutrality of the rest of the space. This room is a great space for children, teenagers, and adults to get to know each other in.

If you like what you see, give us a call at 850-444-9797 to set up a free consultation, or shoot us an email at [email protected]. We’d love to bring your dream space to life!

Maria’s Seafood Market Remodel

At Bontrager Builders Group, attention to detail is one of our most important goals because unique building features make the best impressions. In each one of our projects, we spend countless hours ensuring that our clients’ projects fit their visions about how their properties should look. For example, we recently completed a remodeling project at Maria’s Seafood Market. The facility is small, but we wanted to make sure that every inch of its interior was functional, yet appealing to customers.

Maria's Seafood

In the image below, notice a few things. First, look at the soffit; it features many beautiful black and white images that depict Maria’s history in Pensacola, Florida. The photos are subtle, and they tell a visual story that customers can find themselves engrossed in while sitting on the market’s benches or while waiting in line. The photos are not overwhelming, and they add an aspect of warmth to the building. They show customers just how long Maria’s has been in business, increasing the business’s legitimacy in the eyes of its customers.

In addition, the market’s flooring is simple, beautiful, and practical. The color is light, opening the space visually, and the color also ensures that any scratches that show up will not be visible as they would be on a dark floor. Maria’s color scheme is neutral to allow its colorful, fresh products to pop against the subtle background. Red is used sparingly throughout the establishment, but it alludes the market’s branding scheme which features the color prominently. These décor decisions are deliberate and careful, something that Bontrager Builders and our partners maintain a top-notch expertise in.

Maria's Seafood

The details in this commercial space are subtle, but they make a huge impact on the flow of the space. The benches in the market maintain the facility’s theme of neutral colors accompanied by pops of color. The blue text on the bench is tasteful because it only outlines the white of the letters spelling out “Maria’s.” The effect of subtle color is an elegant space that attracts new customers and keeps the old ones coming back for more. Next to the bench, the shelves and shelves of vibrant products for sale stand out and draw the eye. The building interior’s neutral elements make the perfect backdrop for Maria’s Seafood Market’s striking items for sale.

Maria's Seafood

When a customer enters the market, they see the visual that the image below depicts. The galley-style market creates a long line that makes the space seem larger than it is, and the light colors provide an open, inviting space for customers. They can see the pictures right below the ceiling, the elegant seating, and the mouth-watering products as soon as they walk through the door. Maria’s set up is optimal for customer engagement.

Maria's Seafood

The colorful seafood is showcased in stainless steel ice buckets and look appealing when placed against the white background made up of ice. The ice buckets mirror the entire aesthetic of the restaurant: neutral colors that help display Maria’s products in the best way possible.

Maria's Seafood

Maria's Seafood

There are many working pieces that must come together to produce a commercial space of Maria’s Seafood Market’s caliber. However, Bontrager Builders Group excels at bringing architects, designers, and subcontractors together to create engaging, charismatic spaces that help businesses grow and excel. Let us know if we can help you transform your business facility into its best, most effective version of itself.


sand depletion

Empty Hourglasses: Time is Running out for Sand

When you live in Florida, it’s difficult to believe that the fine white sand covering its pristine beaches is a resource that the world is running out of at an alarming rate. Sand seems so plentiful, especially when you live life surrounded by the resource, as if it is always replenishing itself, but it’s not. At least, it can’t do it fast enough to keep up with our ever-developing world. You might be confused, wondering “what do we use sand for, anyhow?”

According to an environmental report by Marius Dan Gavriletea, “sand is used as a main component in various construction materials such as cement, mortar, tile, brick, glass, adhesives, ceramics, etc.; and it has an important role in water filtration, in chemicals and metals processing and in the plastic industry.” It’s also used in the construction of various electronic devices such as cell phones and laptops. The average person probably has no clue the massive role sand plays in the modern world. Our lives, homes, and livelihoods are all built with sand. As such, it’s easy to imagine what would happen if the world ran out of the resource altogether.

Take a moment, and look outside your window. What do you see? Unless you live a life of complete seclusion in the middle of a forest, you probably see sidewalks, buildings, and streets (yes, asphalt is made with sand too) that are all made out of sand.

When you think about how much sand it took to build the developed world, the thought can be overwhelming and scary, and it should be. Sand is the second-most-used resource in the world after water. As the world’s population rate rises, so does the demand for residential buildings and commercial facilities, increasing sand depletion year by year. The world’s supply of sand simply cannot keep up with the demand. An intriguing smattering of questions arise as a result of this conundrum, some of which are “how will sand depletion affect construction?” and “can we stop it before it’s too late?”

We might be able to reduce the speed of sand depletion through several avenues. It seems that there may be at least three viable alternatives to using natural sand and gravel in concrete and other construction materials. However, no sand replacement option has been studied in full.

sand depletion

Copper Slag is a product of copper extraction that is black in color and similar in texture to natural sand. As a result, a study was conducted by researchers at the S.V .National Institute of Technology in India that tested copper slag’s effectiveness when mixed with powder cement. The researchers found that copper slag cannot entirely replace sand for concrete purposes; however, when the concrete mixture is made up of 40% copper slag, the concrete becomes stronger than regular concrete. After the 40% mark, the mixture weakens and becomes unusable.

Recycled Construction Waste is another intriguing substitution for sand being used in construction materials. This way of reducing sand use might be a solution that would allow builders to reuse old material and to not introduce new materials during the construction of new structures. Think of it this way: when a building demolition occurs, what happens to the crumbled concrete that’s left behind? What if we could use those old buildings to make new ones? According to a study conducted by SRM University, “we can conclude that whatever is destroyed can be reused in a more effective manner without causing any damage to the environment.” This statement is heartening, and may encourage scientists and governments to keep an eye out for recycled concrete’s uses.

Fly Ash may be another alternative to using sand in concrete and other building materials. What’s fly ash? Concrete Construction defines it asa byproduct from burning pulverized coal in electric power generating plants.” From that explanation, it sounds like fly ash is a plentiful resource for builders all over the world. In fact, concrete made from fly ash is actually stronger than normal concrete; however, its dry time is slower than its natural sand-made concrete counterpart. Even so, it seems that fly ash concrete may be a solid option for construction as natural sand becomes a non-viable resource for construction use.

sand depletion

Sand depletion doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. However, the topic is not one that many people talk about in the United States or China, two of the greatest users of sand in construction. In fact, if you asked most people on the street if they believed that sand was a nonrenewable resource, they’d probably just give you a blank stare. Most of the research regarding sand alternatives has actually occurred in India, a country that is suffering from the appearances of “sand mafias” as a result of the rapidly rising popularity of the sand trade. As a result, India has much to gain from sand alternatives, but so does the rest of the world.

Even though no sand alternative is perfect, each solution presents a way for us to reduce our usages of sand by a significant percentage. As more research is being conducted in the name of finding sand replacements in construction, we must advocate for widespread education regarding the topic and press our governmental leaders to take a look at the issue. Sand depletion is certainly a subject worthy of our attention. Perhaps in the future, some of these alternatives for sand will be common place in the construction field.